Adventure in a spice cabinet.

Hello everyone!

Well, for the first time i am to post up a poem on this blog. The story is, today i was looking for more ovaltine chocolate powder, and i looked in the spice cabinet. As soon as i looked in, and took a sniff of the contents, these words came to me:

“Open up the old wood door
And smell delicious melody
Of spices, extracts, pastes and teas
blended in a symphony
of smells from ’round the world collected
of India curry and Chinese tea
and over all the softest hint
of vanilla, cumin, salt, and mint
of coffee, fresh-ground, black, and stiff
as i step in and take a sniff
of sweetest spice and bitter blooms
the sweet fragrance fills the room
its like traveling ’round the world
and yet-
I never leave the cabinet”

What do you think?


P.S i did find the ovaltine eventually! šŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Adventure in a spice cabinet.

  1. Oh, wow, Tani!!! That’s an AMAZING poem ohmygosh now I have this brilliant plan formulating in my head…get it published, get famous, share all your money, and ta-da!!! We’re all billionaires!!!!!! šŸ˜€



    • That wouldn’t add up to $10,000 would it?
      I’m kind of saving up to go go to New Zealand to be in “The Hobbit”!
      I figured if all five of us (you, me, Berns, Mimi,and IzzyBelle) went then we’d only need $10,000 each (and that’s if we share rooms!)

      Next time you see me shake my hand so that when I’m famous you can say “I shook hands with Izzy R.”


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