The page of all things…. things.

First of all, i will have you know that each post i write is stirring around in my head for several days, before it makes it onto this screen.

Second of all,if you are one of the lucky few *actually quite a lot of people* who know THE SECRET,i ask you NEVER to post about it here. If you are one of those people who does not know it, then just be quiet anyway. all shall be revealed eventually (i hope)

Thirdly… Everyone has, at one time or another heard me sing this:

“The albatross is flying, makes him daydream

Of the time before he became one of the worlds unseen

Princess in the tower, children in the fields,

life gave him it all an island of the universe….”

This song is my favorite song to sing.It is called “The Islander” and is by the band Nightwish. Which brings me to my next topic.

A lot of thought has gone into the following list. Eventually, you will see the IMPORTANT lists, such as my “Tatianas Rules of her entire life” list, and the “Rules of being a good sister”list, but for now, this is a list about my favorite subject to talk about… MUSIC.

These are 5 bands/artists, whose work i have always thought impeccable or thought-provoking. I always enjoy listening to anything by these artists.

In the #1 band spot, as befits my favorite musical group, we have Nightwish. Genre: Symphonic/operatic metal.

#2 Nickelback. Genre: Post-Grunge Rock/Rock/Metal

#3 Daughtry. Genre: Post-grunge rock.

#4 Linkin Park. Genre: Alternative rock.

#5 Taylor Swift. Genre: Country/pop

Right now im in a yellow mood. That means i am perfectly, wonderfully life-cant-get-any-better-than-this happy.


12 thoughts on “The page of all things…. things.

  1. Megs… BE CAREFUL. even joking around with death invites it in. And always be happy. you are alive, you are loved, and no matter what happens, God always has a plan for your life. 🙂


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