Life is good/ Story time!


I spent the day at a HARLEM CITY GLOBETROTTER game. and it was THE MOST EPIC AND AWESOME THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! i got some autographs, heres a pic:

Liam and I with our souvenirs!


And guess what else? I have a story fragment for you!

“Erik took the shards of the shattered sword, and placed them in all honor in the royal throne room. For even though the sword had caused the death of his sister, Tai, it was still a legendary artifact of a bygone art, the only sword of its kind, Hellfyre: The sword of the Queen. And Mureil, the daughter of the queen, became the ruler of Tokore. As her mother had, with her final breath, destroyed Myerhan the traitor, the evil that had plagued Tokore in her mothers lifetime was eradicated, and peace reigned. Aren lived out the remaining years of his life in the castle, and spent much of his time in the great garden that his wife Tai had loved so much. He lived to see his great-grandchildren, and when he died, he was buried next to his wife in the great red tomb. And Mureil was the last queen of Tokore, for at last it was taken from those who had toiled at it for so long, and they all went to Herene, the land of Light, the undying world, where they remain forevemore, honoring the Glory of God, and singing their songs of life to the music of the stars.”


That, my friends, is the very end of the story i have written. And i wont post up anymore UNLESS YOU COMMENT AND TELL ME YOU WANT ME TO!”


34 thoughts on “Life is good/ Story time!

  1. Tani, you DIED!!! Why did you just kill your own character??!?!?!

    MORE MORE MORE YOU’D BETTER POST MORE OR I’LL STRANGLE YOU WITH MY IMAGINARY RUBBER CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that statement was more or less true, and very random 😉 )



  2. do I die? oh, right! the dragon… I forget its name… eats me, right? sounds pretty good, although I really like the idea of suicide.


  3. Nope. Megs, you get killed after you defeat your arch-enemy, The dark wizard Hedarth. He sends a spell that will slowly kill you (like in a year) and as you expire during the final battle, you plunge your dagger into his back and he dies alongside you.


  4. But… there are literally THOUSANDS of stories, not all of which will make much sense to you guys. Erik… Anna….Daret…. every char has a story, a life, an entire world which i have written of. And then there are maps, universes, songs, books, weapons, clothing, ideas, religions, animals, and so many other things to deal with. Erk, this is hard.


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