Animagon: The least understood element.

Animagon was the last element to be discovered. While once thought to be only an element for the use of talking to and controlling animals, it is now known to have many other powers. Animagon is, along with spirit and mind, the element responsible for the human person as we know it. Mind gives a person their mental abilities, Spirit gives them their soul, and Animagon gives them muscles, bones, sinews, and other parts of the corporeal body. Because an animal has only the last of these three, Animagon Elementals have a great deal of control over animals. An important part of the Super-Element (which is Life, made by combining some of every Element into a corporeal form)The Elemental Controller is Bernadette, who is the half-sister of Daret Le’Montez and is married to the infamous Sirius Black (Thus explaining her full name: Bernadette Morgan Le’Montez Black.) Animagon Elementals are usually quick and strong, with moderate tempers and fine minds. Their main weapon is the Kerkon, a staff with a slim blade on one end and a smooth, hard, round stone on the other. The color is a deep russet orange.


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