Song of the week: Jan 31-Feb 6

Hello all! Well our comp is getting faster, but isnt quite fixed yet, so I still find it difficult to write to any of you. Yet, Sokore is still accessible. I ironed out a few glitches with the menus, and put a Category Cloud at the bottom, and gained a few ideas for a new theme. I also am writing up a storm, but my editor *cough cough* Gabe *cough cough* hasnt gotten back to me yet about Chapters 2 & 3 yet. Thus explaining why they arent up.Β  Its hailing a storm up at the Mountain (which all of my readers have now visited, yay) and its colder than hell. O well, O well. Other news? Well, Izzy and I have reached an important stage in our friendship… we have actually gotten around to actually talking on the phone *trumpet and confetti time!* Lol, im still the madwoman you all know. Dreaming of the future, carpal tunnel infecting my aching hands, gathering $100 for a RETREAT!!!!! *YAY*

Buuuuutttttt….. this post is technically about our newest Song Of the Week.


A hilarious song which I totally love….

This Is Country Music, by the incredibly handsome BRAD PAISLEY!

Thats it for now. Sayonara!


36 thoughts on “Song of the week: Jan 31-Feb 6

  1. Nope, I’m just a creepy stalker from a forum who obeys signatures and follows website links, that’s all! πŸ˜€ LOL No, I’m not really a stalker.


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