Stolen from Evelyn: Great story!

This is from my friend Eveleyn, from her blog

OK, so maybe the dragon slayers won’t be an only Saturday thing. :/

Today’s Dragon Slayer is Betsy Ten Boom.

Betsy was arrested by the Nazis in Germany for hiding Jews from the death squads.

The jail quarters were small, cramped, dirty, and flea infested.

While reading her Bible, Betsy came across Thessalonians 5:18, which reads, “‘Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Betsy told her sister Corrie that they should thank God for the room they were in.

”Why? It’s overcrowded, and it smells!” replied Corrie.

Betsy told Corrie that yes, it wasn’t ideal. But it kept them warm and dry. She then said they should thank Him for the food.

”But it’s filled with bugs, and not fit for dogs!”

Betsy told her sister that it kept them from starving.

Then she said something that REALLY bugged (sorry, I couldn’t resist) her sister. She said they should be thankful for the fleas.

”Fleas? Fleas? They bite me and itch, and I dare you to tell me one good thing these fleas do for us!”

Betsy agreed with her sister, but persisted. So each night, the sisters thanked God for their crowded room, disgusting food, and the fleas.

Finally, they were freed, and Corrie realized that their room had never been searched for hidden Bibles, their long Bible studies had never been discovered. When she asked a guard why, he replied, “I’d have to be crazy to go into that room! That room was infested with fleas!”

And so Corrie learned that her life had been saved by fleas, and why God wanted her to be thankful for them.

So even when things seem pointless, and are just plain no fun, remember to be thankful for them. Maybe there’s a reason. Even if it isn’t a reason as amazing as the one Corrie Ten Boom discovered, it can be a learning experience.

Great story,huh?


4 thoughts on “Stolen from Evelyn: Great story!

  1. This is dang near embarassing! LOL
    I found all the info on the Ten Boom sister through Google. It looked like there was more on them, so if anybody wants to know more about them, they have a Wikipedia article.


  2. I KNOW (and love) THAT STORY!!!!!
    My mom’s read the book Corrie Ten Boom’s book(just for reference it’s called the hiding place!!!)


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