Stone. The Element of Strength.

Stone is the strongest corporeal Element. Stone Elementals are usually pensive and inclined to quietness. Na’an (yes, Gabe, your sister is the queen of Stone. Get used to it.) however, is rather talkative, which is rather untypical for a Stone Elemental. Stone Elementals have great skill in Thgahr, the ceremonial fighting style that has been used in Sokore for thousands of years. Thgahr is a hand-to-hand fighting style, governed by a great number of rules for conduct and attack. Professionals who use this technique have endured several centuries of training, and are considered the best fighters that Sokore has to offer. Sadly, the technique is almost gone in Sokore nowadays, with the revolution of new, human fighting styles and the Tokorian hybrid style. Stone Elementals make very good spies, because of their silence and discreetness. Stones colors are grays and browns.

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