Spirit: The element of death.

Spirit is the youngest Element, and is very difficult to understand.As previously stated with Animagon, this is the Element of the soul. Most Spirit Elementals can communicate with and to some extent control the spirits of the dead. Luna Nachtier (NOCK–tea-air) is the Elemental of Spirit, and the only queen who was not born into royalty. She was actually a freedom fighter from her homecountry of Yeh, which was ruled by a tyrant queen. With some help from Tokore (and most notably Rose Annesdottir, princess of Tokore) she took over the country, and ruled for a good 5 years with her husband, Jack Ungersson, until she discovered that she had control over the rarest Element. Spirit is more a burden than a blessing, as you can see the spirits of the dead wandering about, as well as see how long it will be until a living person dies. With all these sobering things, Spirit Elementals are usually dark and jaded, quiet, and pensive. Its colors are blacks and greys.


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