List of things i have learned to hate in the past few days.

1: People who i DO NOT KNOW AT ALL subscribing to my blog. Its very annoying. (Esther,whoever you are, this is about you!)

2: Getting site referrals from less-than-family-friendly sites. also VERY ANNOYING. I DONT WANT traffic from those people!!!!!!!!!!

3: People who never reply to emails, leaving you thinking you have really p***ed them off somehow and they hate you. Not nearly as annoying as the last two, but still quite annoying in and of itself.

4: Cold weather.Because it sucks and my feet are numb.

5: Little girls called Jedda.

6: Twisted wrists. Especially when they were twisted by reason #5.

7: Glasses. They stick to your face and make you look uglier than hell and you cant see colors and lines right.

8: Editors and their computers, and their procrastination when it comes to homework, and the fact that they are grounded, and the awkwardness of every stupid conversation between the editor and myself. I hate that.

10: Making biscuits when you twisted your wrist, and then hearing your wrist click for a few seconds as you knead before suddenly being in excruciating pain. Yah. It sucks

Im done ranting and raving now. Goodnight.


25 thoughts on “List of things i have learned to hate in the past few days.

  1. *Many hugs* Sounds like you had a bad day. I hope your wrist heals soon; you need to sweet-talk a family member into doing those biscuits for ya!

    Do I count as violating #1? *hides*


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