Things i have learned to really like.

1: Emailing my editor about things other than editing. like turtles and lifeteen and futterwackening.

2: Hands that work.

3: Parkas.

4: The color turquoise.

5: Writing without writing (another thing to ask me about)

6: Sleep.

7: Colors.

8: Dreaming.

9: The number 7.

10: making lists.

30 thoughts on “Things i have learned to really like.

  1. my response to each of these:
    1: I don’t have an editor
    2: what would we do without hands? I had an appreciation day for (my left hand) two weeks ago and he did nothing all day
    3: I love parkas, especially after a long swim practice when I’m freezing and tired
    4: turquoise is, indeed, unique, as well as the Arizona state gem
    5: what is that? but I’ve been writing a lot of my stories lately
    6: I adore sleep and partake in it quite often
    7: colors are awesome
    8: I dream more when I’m awake than when I’m asleep
    9: 7. wow. such a relevant number. remind me to send you the list of 7’s.
    10: lists are awesome

    those are all my true reactions to those things. I wrote them as they came to mind.


  2. To: Izzy
    Once upon a time there were three little pigs, and their names were clement, thomas, and sam….
    You thought that was so funny.
    (call me anyway though i need a good laugh)


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