The reason i find everything funny.

Well, my email has decided it wont let me send anything longer than one line, and since you-know-who *cough cough* Gabe *cough cough* asked here it is…

Following the dramatic experiences in my 11th year, in which i became a firm believer in the almighty and never-failing power of God, i decided to regain that which had been most cruelly taken by certain jealous and spiteful family members. Translation: My mom confessed to me that she disliked the fact i was always so happy as a kid, and forced that happiness out of me.

After this, i decided that i needed rules, that Tai needed to die, and i needed to pray more often. All these were fulfilled.

Thanks to the help of many friends, i also managed to regain some of my happiness. When Pavel and I became friends, i learned what a great joy it was to actually laugh. I stopped hiding, stopped being emotionless…. and learned to laugh, and just as importantly, learned how to cry. Gradually, I also learned to pray and love. Thanks to a certain event, in which i was a brat to a poor guy  *cough cough*Gabe *cough cough* at lifeteen and then wrote him a long letter, asking for his friendship…. I learned how to not be such a b****h to my friends. Seriously, that was the only way i could describe myself.

I told myself to never be such an idiot again. So, i tried to be happier, and nicer. And then i learned how wonderful life really is, and how funny life is when you arent caught up in the darkness of your own mind. And so i laugh about EVERYTHING now.


12 thoughts on “The reason i find everything funny.

  1. so that’s why you were taking so long, that remindes me, I was going to ask if that story behind “never gonna be alone” was really true, but now I know that I put it in my “God music” playlist with good reason.


  2. I’m sure your mom would have loved to trade with mine… I was a very negative little girl.

    But wow…. That’s kinda sad. HUGS!!!
    Great post, though, one of my favorites since I started reading.


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