a few other main chars in the story.

Well, i already introduced you to the chieftains. These are other people you see in the stories, and (if available) the humans they are based on.

Erik Henry Thomas Liefson Le’Tokore: My personal favorite character in the ENTIRE story. Based on my brother Pavel, but without all the bad stuff. He is nice, funny, loyal and supportive (and he can SING!) As close as i can get, here is who he looks like:

The guy who i modeled Erik's looks on: Chad Kroeger!

Daret Kyren Elinyr Le’Montez: Daughter of a Tokorian lord and a serving maid. Fierce, loyal, and radical. Hard to find a pic of… But she has blue/gray eyes and blonde curly hair. Tall. Muscular, but slim. Based on… nobody. A complete figment of my imagination. Tatchas best friend.

Anna Elizabeth Tyrene Annesdottir: Drop-dead gorgeous. Based on my sister Zoe. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, or the nicest person around, or even a very good fighter. She just is. Pic:

The closest match i found for Anna

Shanilela Amelie Jeraka Do’Porkaan: Also hard to get a pic of. Dark of skin and hair, very pretty. Brown eyes. Tall. Strong. She is very smart and quiet, and Tatcha relies on her for her soundest counsel. Not based on anyone (except the polly-pocket doll called Shan, seriously)

Moses James Klein: The giant bodyguard of Tatcha. Kind, smart, and loyal to a fault. He is avuncular to Tatcha, and plays the bass guitar (YAH!!!)

Arenin Ahalor Arehyernsson: Prince consort of Tokore. A code name for… I cant tell you. Its not his real name though. Married to Tatcha, they have several children. Smart, handsome, but has his faults. Pic would give him away. Base person would give something else away.

Mureil Adelaide Taichanasdottir: Quiet. Dark-haired.Next queen of Tokore after Tatcha dies, but thinks herself unready. Pic unfindable, ill post up one i drew.

Mirimel Deserette Elizabeth Taichanasdottir: Youngest child of Tai. Quiet, sweet, and kind. Thoughtful, but impetuous. Has the same problem as her mother, namely: being willing to suffer anything for the sake of her friends. Pic Unfindable.

Amatro Telveh Metrem Arensson: Middle Child. Thoughtful and kind, like his twin sister Mirimel. Also a gifted musician. Dies protecting his sister.


Aerea the Beautiful (pronounced ah-YARE-uh) Dark of complexion and of mind. Shy at first, becomes more outgoing as the story goes on. Expert fighter with an old grudge against demonkind. Adopted daughter of Tai and Aren. Wife of Jack Hasings the younger. Sister to Aliesa and Atkor.

Jackson Michael Hasings the older: Tall and proud, and fiercely devoted to his small family. Grey hair, once dark brown. Is a music Elemental. Based on: Nobody(that I know of yet)

Jack Michael Hasings the younger: Dark hair and eyes. Nice guy, all in all. Funny. Good friend. All that. Based on: (Oh, here it comes…..) Mostly Gabe.

Atkor the fatherless: An orphan, like his sisters, he was adopted into the royal family because he is such a strong berserkiri. Olive skin, blue/gray eyes and black curly hair. Fierce, vengeful, and temperamental. Made him and his sisters up in a dream.

Aliesa the fair: Pretty and queit and sweet. Dark hair and blue eyes. Marries Eothred.


Emer Emundssom: Tall. Blond. Long-suffering husband of Anna. Very handsome. Not his real name either, but to satisfy my copyright-conscious editor, i changed it. Brother of Evoen, also called Alaia.

Evoen Alliana (called mostly Alaia): Blond, pretty, and strong of will and body. Supporting Character. Wife of Fimir.

Fimir Donatorsson: Red hair, grey eyes. Quiet and strong.

Eothrin Annasdottir: Bears the beauty and stupidity of her mother, Anna. Marries Jacques of the Desert Realm, and is miserable in that marriage. Widowed in “Future” and soon after marries a childhood friend.

Eothred Emersson: Dark red hair. A trickster and a cynic, but is imperative in “Storyteller” the book in which…ah, that would give too much away! Married Aliesa in secret.

Rose Annasdottir: Once thought to be the daughter of Emer and Anna, now we arent so sure 😉 that’s a story for another time. Sister of Mirrina, who died before her story was really written. Red hair and green eyes, like her mom. Brave and strong, it seems like the stupidity of her mom and sister skipped her.

Princess Yana “Hawkblade” of the desert realm: Before she became a berserkiri, she was the best knife fighter in the kingdom. Third cousin of Tai. Is one of the only know Dragon Berserkiri, the most fearless and feared of the berserkiri classes.

Lina and Trina: Sisters, not much is really known. Trina was blind because of her evil mother, but is healed by Brina in “Light” and marries prince Isaac of Rakiora (yes, i made Isaac Alwin a Char) which is deeply resented by his aunt, queen Rachel. Lina is a changeling.

Z: his real name is 56 characters long, so everyone calls him simply “Z.”Is the chief of his sand elf tribe. I actually have a sorta-pic (its anime, and it really is the char i made of him) Marries Shan, they have 6 kids.

Z elfkind... really is him. The pic i drew of him looks better though.

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  1. sweet! I’m Jack Hastings! (does that mean I’m Seph’s son or something? lol) is my wife based on any particular person, and what am I exactly?


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