New Poem, thinking of calling it “Mountains”

Wrote this in a few minutes while on our horrible bumpy dirt road.

“Like paper cutouts ‘gainst the sky
mountains standing, proud and tall.
There they’ve stood in silent slumber
through countless seasons rise and fall.
there to look upon a world,
changed and changing, born, reborn.
The mountains watch over mortal failings
never moving, never torn.
No emotions, no thoughts, no feelings,
sunsets colors fade to black.
And still the mountains solemn stance
looking forward, ne’er tuning back.
What future darkness, coming on
what terrors will their cold eyes see?
a thousand years will come and
and still they’ll stand in majesty.
Last colors fade, last dash of light-
and then silent mountains
fade into night.”

Well, how is it?


5 thoughts on “New Poem, thinking of calling it “Mountains”

  1. COUGH!! Well, as I am not an editor and will therefore not hackle (is that the word I’m looking for?) you about punctuation, I think it’s great! I need the BYC clapping smiley…


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