RIP Chad

Today we mourn the death of a chicken. Of my baby Chadster. Here is his Eulogy(written on BYC, copied to here)

Today, as i speak, my daddy is killing Chad, our 8mo. silkie roo. So young. Infested with what appeared to be Mereks, blind in one eye, bottom of the order, it is better that we put him out of his misery. A Eulogy is in order.
In early august, I, Tanichca, bought him and his two sisters. they were only a week old.
The explorer and the cuddler, Chad was by far the nicest of the trio. Always ready for petting and pampering, yet eager to explore his world, Chad the black silkie will remain in our hearts. He went blind only a few weeks ago. He limped around for several day last week, before becoming completely paralyzed on his left side yesterday morning. Chad would be happier without living like this. He squawked as my daddy took him to the back of the house, and i almost cried. Im so sorry, buddy! hit
He will be missed.
RIP Chad, July 28- February 15


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