New poem, written on the way home from Mass today.

“For Baby brothers
and eye shadow.
For friends,
For eggs in the nest
and food on the shelf.
For a bed and a pillow
all to myself.
For sunrise and sunset,
for flowers and trees
for birds, butterflies, bunnies, and bees
For a long flowy skirt
and a warm fuzzy hat.
For sisters and brothers,
and a cuddly cat.
For a mom and a dad,
for candy and treats,
for earrings and bracelets,
for phone time and sweets.
For living without
the fear of the sword
for my wonderful life
I thank you, Lord”





51 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Spock is another of us never-ending flow of BYCers. Also known as Crazy or Guerric. But I don’t think anybody usues his real name except his parents.

    I’m guessing a couple months…


  2. Silly Gabe. Spock is just my nickname for him. His real name is Guerric. But you didn’t hear that from me.

    Tani, it seems like your blog has become the BYC gathering place. XD I’m jealous.


  3. Erm, okay…. I really wish my cellphone would let me reply to existing comments! *Goes to find Spock* Spo-OOOOCK!! WHERE AAAAAARE YOOOOOU?!?


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