Babies first day out!

Well, today Momma hen left the crate and moved the babies to the main coop for scrounging time. Minimal pecking from Cuddlebug (one of the cottonball group) which was settled very quickly by momma, and they were scratching, pecking, perching, and running like the big biddies! Everyone else looked on, and Chip the baby rooster (who is the surrogate momma, even keeping the babies warm in her absence) helped them around a bit. Danny investigated, but soon left for more interesting pastimes, like dust-bathing and bug-hunting and dog-pecking. The others spent a few seconds just staring, then left. Baby silkies just huddled in the corner, and drank the water i put out for the babies (since they arent big enough to reach the hanging waterer)

For the next few days, we will be rearranging everything about the coop. The baby silkies will each get a private off-the-ground cage, to preserve foot feathering. The whole coop will get a rake-out and a hose-down, the bowls cleaned, the perches scrubbed, and everything generally made beautiful in preperation for the Fair (clean living conditions=clean, happy birds) Tani is NOT looking forward to scrubbing the poop board, but what has to be done has to be done. The dutch will leave their small cages and be moved to the flight cage so that they grow all their pretty feathers in nice. Eggs will start being collected and counted, and the entry forms set up. Silkies, Leghorn, eggs, sheep, Dutch, and three kids will be spending a week at a dusty fairground (two weeks for the silkies and me), so we have to get everything looking nice for when we arent there.

Im getting the pre-fair jitters, big time. 6 weeks and counting, people. Anyone want to visit me while im there? Its lonely, so that might help… look for the red headed giant carrying a white puffball. And pray hard, this fair will be a hard one.


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