Have you any idea…

How hard it is to be annoyed at someone who you are super-happy with at the same time? I have editorial things to talk about with Mr. Editor and he is AWOL. AWOL!!!!!!!!!! -_-

Rant over. Carry on.


19 thoughts on “Have you any idea…

  1. Actually, yes. And it isn’t easy. But I’ve managed so far. 😛 Anyway, you could always fire him… But I don’t know who else you could find quickly.


    • I has me a feeling that if you go AWOL again, Tani will make you feel the pain-filled part of your life.

      Oh, and Tani: I finally got that guest blog post up!


      • Haha… naw, i wouldnt hurt him (much.)

        Yes i saw! Skitz’s name is Jaun?Hm… cool post though. I already wear a seatbelt (unless im on the driveway, which is dirt and bumpy and seatbelts jam on it regularly, cutting off circulation and oxygen. So in that case, wearing seatbelts might actually kill you)


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