Spring fever 2011

I need more chickens. I need more chickens. I need more chickens.

Im building a new coop, enough for 12 more birds! Im also going to buy a sheep for myself in the fall (experimenting, plus, ill get an excuse to hang with the Teichs! >:P ) Oh, Megs will SO get after me for that! She doesnt like the twins much (personally, I think Clem and Tom are hilarious) and Isabel is just awesome. Isabel Teich wants to get some Polish Bantams eventually (after much discussion with yours truly) Heres a pic of the breed:

White crested Black Polish: funny birds!

Spring fever is also called (in Tanichca-speak) I-need-more-chickens syndrome. Its chronic and acute in this particular person. Chickens rock. Im just rambling right now, im in a chicken mood. Im thinking of getting:

Dutch bantams, Silkies, Polish, Orperingtons, EE, and *maybe* Marans. Twil’ be fun!


5 thoughts on “Spring fever 2011

  1. AN EXCUSE TO HANG OUT WITH THE TEICHS SRSLY?!?! OMG THEY’RE GITS. (don’t tell them I said that, they’ll cry) BUT I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THEM. they must have grown up.


  2. Orpingtons after being ordered by us Pullets, right? But you need Seramas! If you don’t have any already.
    And I know what you mean… I’ve started my breeding plan already. But I can’t come up with a good excuse for hatching Houdini babies!! T.T


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