The best stories come from dreams…

Its weird. So many times ive been stuck as to a character or idea, and ill go to sleep and dream out the missing pieces! Sadly, i still dont have the first two paragraphs of Ch. 6 yet. BUT i do have some good news!!!

After nigh on 10 years, Moses Klien is out of character development and into the story world!  Night before last, i filled in last pat of his story. Enjoyyyyyyyyy…..

Elizabeth is a runaway from the seaside town of Ephiym. Pretty and proud, she one day is caught in a storm and is pulled out into the sea. Washed up on shore hours later, feverish and almost dead, she is found by Amrin and his mother, Yohemech.

She is tended by them for many weeks, and Amrin gradually falls in love with her. Amrin is tall and very strong, so Elizabeth uses him for her protection. She asks him to take her home, in return for marrying him. He agrees. They travel back to Ephiym.

In Ephiym, she finds that her old crush, Ennic, is now the captain of a ship, ironically the same ship on which Amrin has found work as a deckhand. She also manages to find work on the ship as a cook’s helper. Amrin finds out about her history with Ennic (who is rude, cruel, and vulgar, albeit very handsome) but decides not to say anything.

Over the course of the ship’s voayge, the crew has many adventures (which include a sea dragon, mermaids, lack of food, and a strange illness) Elizabeth, now called Betta, learns just what a jerk Ennic is, and slowly learns that she is in love with Amrin instead. When Ennic is killed by a sea dragon, Amrin becomes captain of the ship. They sail to Mokior, and live there from then on. The couple has 4 children, of which Moses is the oldest.

The apple never falls far from the tree, they say. Moses is tall and dark-haired like his father, but has the same restlessness as his mother. At 11, he runs away from home. He travels to Tokore’ city, and there meets two runaway slaves, named Daret and Shan. And there… our story begins!

6 thoughts on “The best stories come from dreams…

  1. the idea for Twilight came to SM in a dream, and Twilight is terrible. THE DEVIL KNOWS INCEPTION. =O

    I like it! =D (this is so hard typing w/ a jammed finger =/)


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