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Lent beginneth in two days

on March 7, 2011

Hey all! And by all, i mean: Hey Gabe! Yo, Megs. Wassup, Evelyn? Once again, im high. Once again, guess why. (hey that rhymed!)

I never did finish the beginning of Ch.6, but i finished the end of it! Lookin’ good!

What else? Oh yah, the reason for the title. I am being forced to give up computer time for lent (except on Sunday.) So, Eenie, could you tell the other BYCers? I wont be on much in the next few days, sorry.

Hmm.. my meanderings and random ramblings doth tumble about in me old brain. I have contact lenses now, which ROCKETH MUCHLY! (adds to the self-esteem quota by about 45 points) and RETREAT is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! im excited, and nervous. And stressed. And worried… typical Tanichca typicality (redundant? You Betcha!)

Also… i almost fainted yesterday. Not fun. For future reference, if i ever faint around you guys, give me chocolate or something of that sort. Sugar helps (not sure why i faint but i think it has something to do with my blood sugar getting out of whack)

Talk laterz!

Love to all!



4 responses to “Lent beginneth in two days

  1. Snape4Ever says:

    I’m gonna guess you’re high off glue.


  2. Evelyn says:

    Glue? Nice. I once used a gluestick for chapstick… it felt really weird.

    WOOT!! Congrats on the contacts! I LOVE mine, and you’re right, they boost self-esteem by a lot.

    I will most def. pass on the message to other BYCers. We do not want them to worry about you, that would be sad.
    Wow, this is a long comment.
    Ooh, ooh! My sister once fainted ’cause she was sucking helium and forgor to breathe!!
    Have fun with Lent, and happy International Women’s Day!


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