In honor of Our Lady: a special edition posting!

Well it is International Woman’s Day, yet another excuse for the feminazi’s of our world to steal the glory of a primarily Christian holiday (Yes, Mardi Gras was originally a Christian holiday) and turn it into… more propaganda. Big Whoop. But while the world spouts on about Eleanor Roosevelt and Margret Sanger(and be sure that some people are) we as Christians must turn out minds and hearts to someone even more influential than either of these women, or any other woman to ever live. Namely, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Let us travel back, and see just why she is so important.

Imagine: You are a teenager in a small town. You are respected by everyone, the kind of person that when kids are misbehaving their mothers ask “why cant you be more like her?” You are an only child, and your parents are old but kind. You are engaged, to a wonderful, hardworking man who will provide for your every need. You have hopes, dreams, and a beautiful future planned, where you can grow old and be happy for your entire life with your spouse, children, and grandchildren.

And you’re pregnant. And its not by your fiance!

Well, this is Mary’s story. She was asked to be the Mother of God, and *poof* her dreams melted away. Mary was such a good, beautiful person, that she knew she could not refuse God’s request. She agreed, knowing the pain and suffering and rumors that were sure to follow. She said yes! Now, about the blessed Virgin bit: Because Mary hadn’t gotten pregnant in the, ah, traditional way, but instead was miraculously gifted with a child by the Holy Spirit she is still considered a virgin. But no matter, the important thing is she accepted God’s request, and became the mother of God incarnate. In the words of the prayer The Angelus, “The Word (being God, remember the whole “The Word was with God and the Word was God” bit?) became flesh, and dwelt amongst us.”

Well, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be her when she told her mom and dad and fiance that she was pregnant. Imagine the stares and the gossip! And then finally, when Joseph her fiance accepted the Child (Oh, God is so awesome) he got outed too! They must have been at least a bit thankful when the Emperor’s decree came out that everyone had to return to his birthplace. For Joseph, that was Bethlehem, and he took his now-wife with him. All  of us know the Christmas story, I hope, cause I’m not going into that here. The important thing is, Jesus was born. In a stable, no midwife or comforting relative to help out.

The next 30 years are a blur. Sure, we know that our teenage Savior got lost in Jerusalem and preached to the preachers and professors. But these are known as “The hidden years.” Somewhere along this time line, Joseph dies. Jesus and his mom work, and live, and are normal people for 1st century Judea.

And then come the years of work, Mary watches her son preach, teach, perform miracles, argue, and win over hundreds of people. He makes a few enemies as well, who goad these very people into crucifying the man who only wanted to help them! The agony must have been unbearable, as Mary watched her only child be tortured, be given the most terrible death that humanity has ever created. Her heart must have been breaking! And then the joy, seeing her son alive again in his full glory!

Jesus said something very important on that cross. As he hung there in unbelieveable agony, he said the John, his beloved disciple, “Son, behold your mother!” In doing this, he gave Mary to all of us, a mother who always listens, protects, and guides us to our brother Christ! This is a gift almost as precious as the sacrifice itself, a guiding light to His blessed Self!

Mary appears throughout the ages to protect and guide, to show us how to love and to encourage to put aside our hate and prejudice. She brings us to her Son, like a lighthouse in the storm of life, guiding us to shore!In times of trouble ask for her help, she will never fail you!

For this, she is the greatest woman ever to live.

Mary, Mother of Christ, pray for us!

Love to all



5 thoughts on “In honor of Our Lady: a special edition posting!

  1. Don’t forget that back then, it would have been perfectly legal for Joseph to stone her to death. I can only imagine what THAT conversation must have been like!
    “*Squeaky voice* Honey? We, uh, need to talk…”
    “Please don’t kill me.”
    “Why would I kill you?!”
    “I’m serious.”


  2. wow, you’re really good at this!
    I wish I didn’t feel so awkward about Mary, but I think that it is easier for girls to be closer to her.


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