WOOTNESS!!!! one of my fave holidays. Means “fat tuesday.” the tradition is that since lent starts tomorrow, people would stuff themselves with greasy, fattening food (think mcdonalds) because eggs, meat, and grease were forbidden during lent. You survived on veggies mostly (something neither Gabe nor Miriam could/would ever do). In France (and New Orleans, which was a french colony) it was also celebrated with drinking, sleeping around, and loud music as well!

Fed tradition #45238761: We have a mardi gras party! We dress up (i claim the blue robe and the gold scarf) we eat (crepes a’la Tatiana, comin’ right up!) and we DANCE!!!!!!!! During “Call me Al” we do a congo line around the house! We laugh until we cant laugh anymore, sometimes Dad will have one of his rare beers (or, every few years, make mom and he a daiquiri after the little kids go to bed) and then we sleep. And get up at 6 am to get to ash Wednesday mass.

Only thing is…

This whole thing isnt happening this year.

Yes, yes, yes, there will be some food and clothes and all that. But Tani, No-Ko, and Bella have a 4h meeting tonight. So… we cant have our Fed celebration extraordinaire this year. Bummer!

In other news, in one month i have brought my History and Literature (Humanities) grades from Ds to As… which gives me STRAIGHT A’S!!!!!!!!!! WOOTNESS!!!!!

Love to all



9 thoughts on “MARDI GRAS!!!!!

  1. after Lent this year, I’m going to be emaciated. I’m going to die.
    awww, dude, that sucks. =S
    lol your Hum grade was better than my Latin and is better than my Hum grade now. =D gj!


  2. I loved having strait A’s in middle school, good times…
    I love that song!! It’s one of my favorite Paul Simon songs (I wonder if that effects my pop-tardation)
    you’re right, I could never become a vegetarian


    • LOL.
      Not really. Its an aweshum song! And nothing could make you more of pop-tard than you are… (that was mean but i couldnt resist. Man am i glad im not a pop-tard!)
      Yah you’d probably die. Just to put it in simple terms.


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