Only a day left!

Until the GREAT RETREAT!!!!!!! Im SOOOOOO jazzed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if im stuck in the same place as Pavel. Pavel will take out his nervousness on me, (just like i take it out on poor old Gabe, except i would never be as mean to him as Pav is to me…) so im ready to be teased about my size, hair, looks, and everything else. Oh brother (literally!)

So im off for a weekend! Packing today, cause ill be gone at the homeschool group park day tomorrow. Get home an hour before i get on the van for retreat(FORT HUACHUCA YAY I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!) so thats going to be me showering and getting my hair and makeup done. And making sure my contacts arent inside out…

Talkie Laterz

Love to all


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