Did i ever mention…

Just how awesome mi amici are? Wow, you people are such a blessing!!!!

Also, im was wondering… why do so many people think im pretty/funny/sweet??? No idea, cause i dont think im any of that. But i got several messages about being that way. Im confused, but flattered.

Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. I fell asleep during schoolwork today. It was fun. 😀

Love to all



23 thoughts on “Did i ever mention…

  1. *GLAD* sorry, but my cousins are here and I really want to spend time with them (GAAA!!! I’m so torn! I want to talk to you so much, but I only see them like once a year! Bye!)


  2. Its alright, im writing an essay anyway. Supposedly (i might be listening to Giovanni Paulo thousands of times…) now…. ENJOY THYSELF AND THY COUSINS, human!!!!!!!!


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