Life in general pt 1: one of those random deep thought posts

Ho-dee-hum. Its one of those days when I tend to overthink things a little bit. Ok, so maybe a lottle.

Lets start big, shall we? Life. What is it? Why do we have it? What constitutes as life? Is there a purpose to every life, or are we just working as a whole towards a common end? If that end is, say, the end of all life, why do our actions matter? Why does anything matter? Does what we do on a day-to-day basis influence the human species as a whole? Is there a difference between life and existence? What would those differences be? Can life continue after death? What happens then? What is heaven like? Hell? How do i get to either of these places? What does my life have to do with any of this?

Well, i’ll answer my own questions. Fell free to move on to another post, this is all just mindless meaningless twaddle from the back of my head, the stuff I think about when i cant sleep.

What is life? Life is the story of us. Not us as a species, though our communal lives are interconnected, but life as it is for each person. My life includes a sister with a mental disorder and chickens with no mental capacity whatsoever. Your life, on the other hand, may include a talking hippopotamus or a favorite pet. Events also play into our lives. Meeting people, going on Retreat… these things can change the course of a life. If a bank robber meets a man who convinces him to not rob banks, then the course of his life may be changed from a life in which he is a criminal. He may become a missionary or even a policeman, and his life will be one of service. Any event, person, or object may change our life. As I well know, even something as small as a song can change an outcome that may not have been the best.

Why do we have life? Well that’s simple. The purpose of life is to love. Thats it. Love must flow from God, into you, into the world. God has no body but ours, and we must use that to bring him everywhere, all the time. Love everyone, even the mean, smelly, or openly hostile people in our lives.

What constitutes as life? Have you ever heard someone say “Get a life?” In movies and books,its a common saying, usually said to the guy who is 40 and lives in his parents basement playing Donkey Kong all day. When this is said, it usually means “start interacting with your fellow human beings and move into your own house.” We are communal creatures, not meant to live alone, as the bible (book of genesis, i do believe) clearly states. Now yes, alone time is good for the soul. But we cant run from the world, and hide because we want to be alone. How on earth do you evangelize that way? In order to spread the love of God through the world, we actually have to be in it.

Purpose of Life? Again, simple. We live so that we all may die. Every last one of us humans will die, but we have to make sure that we are ready at all times. Because its what comes next that matters…

The End of Life? It’ll happen. Eventually. And by eventually, I mean SOON. Not to sound like a doomsday prophet or anything, but if we listen to the apparitions of Mary, it looks as though the end hath come. Scary thought, since I havent gotten the chance to get married or even be kissed yet, and yes, those are on my bucket list.

Why does it matter? Because when we die, we go to either heaven or…the other place. And trust me, the other place aint that fun. So act in this life in a way that prepares you for the next.

Ill answer the rest another day, these old fingers get mighty sore typing out all my random fluff!

Love to all!



54 thoughts on “Life in general pt 1: one of those random deep thought posts

  1. Wow, Tani. You should definitely be a public speaker and share your thoughts with the world and your fellow Christians. You have much more talent in rationalizing than anyone else I know! Keep up the amazing work!

    Berns πŸ™‚


  2. Not really. I write well,but I dont speak well (crippling attacks of stuttering and then hiding plague me)so maybe i’ll be the person to write speeches and then have Zoe or someone else whos prettier and more confident speak them.


        • Eh, does being OCD bother you? Cause you being OCD really doesnt bother me(or ANYONE ELSE) at all…
          (oh, and BTW… the thing you do with your head ((moving it around to try and see behind your glasses)) yah well, i actually think its really cute. so no complaining!)


          • it only annoys me when I do that really noticeably or if I start tapping everything everything in sight (and I still fail to understand what is cute about anything I am or do)


            • *facepalm* So youre OCD about the stuff you do when youre OCD?

              Of course you fail to understand! Its the stupid job of the crush-er to find everything that the crush-ee does absolutely adorable! (Fun job)


  3. You don’t have your own thread, exactly, but I swear it coul be renamed “The thread where Tani talks about GabeGabeGabeGabeGABE!! and we all smile and nod.” Just kidding. 77 talks about her new BF


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