Im getting chased

Im being chased by a song! Turn on shuffle on the iPod, and out of 300+ songs this comes up. Twice. Turn on the radio, and this is what KLOVE starts playing. Something tells me God wants me to listen to it, so I have. I realized that I really identify with it too..freaky! Though this story isnt nearly as flashbang as Evelyn’s tale (read hers here: it is rather interesting. So it is my new song of the week!

The Motions-Matthew West

6 thoughts on “Im getting chased

  1. I like that song, and I can identify with it too, but I don’t think as much as you, seeing as it doesn’t come up on my ipod that often


  2. Funny thing… i havent been able to listen to the secular, sex-saturated music on the hit music stations since before retreat! I tried, but got totally disgusted and put back on the Retreat soundtrack! I also really identify with “Let The Waters Rise”


  3. lol! haha! I know how that is! every time Garrett shuffles or does something weird, Follow Me Down by 3OH!3 starts playing. XD


  4. Flashbang indeed, hahaha.
    After I did the K-Love 30-day challenge, I wasn’t able to listen to anything besides Christian music and Taylor Swift. But no more TS music for me, looks like. LOL


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