Bunny Day? Spring Spheres? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!?

I was wished a “Happy Bunny Day” by a friend of mine the other day. And I thought “Bunny day? BUNNY Day?!?” Tanichca is disgusted, as you can well imagine. What once was a feast, celebrating love so powerful that God himself died a torturous death for us, has been reduced the the status of a holiday for smelly rodents. Easter never has and never will have anything to do with bunnies. End of discussion.

And what about those “Spring Spheres?” Well, apperently some schools, fearing that the name “Easter Egg” is too controversial and politically incorrect, has switched the name of the traditional (from Ukraine and Russia hundreds of years go) project of egg decorating. Eggs may seem to have as little to do with Easter as bunnies or pastel chocolates, but lets look at this from the perspective of a chicken-ista. An egg seems dead. A rock. Useless. But inside, life springs anew, and will come out when we least expect it, a sign of resurrection. Spring Spheres? Not so much.

What about the usual “true meaning of Easter” you ask? Well, God sent his Son to Earth. His Son, Jesus, died the most horrible death any human being has ever invented or endured, because he loved YOU enough to do so. And that would have been end of story, as so many criminals have died of crucifixion and so many religious leaders have been martyred. But Jesus Christ rose again,  gave himself life, and forever conquered sin and Death. And he will come back, one day. Be ready.

Happy EASTER, everyone.

Love to all!

-Tatiana Emilia Federoff, AKA Tanichca

Anyone else think God is trying to tell me anything???

Ok so i turn on the radio and i will ALWAYS hear these (these are the good versions of certain songs. So poor ol’ Gabe doesnt have to go through watching Lady GaGa again)

Secular songs, for Petes sake!

Lady Gaga: Born This Way

Pink: Perfect

Katy Perry: Firework

And the ever popular:

Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are

To the Christian songs:

Johnny Diaz: More Beautiful You

Tenth Avenue North: You Are More (Yah, Gabe sent me this one.)

MercyMe: Beautiful (This one always seems to come on when ‘im on one of my crying jags. *sigh*)

The Afters: Light Up The Sky

Tenth Avenue North: Healing Begins


I found that I identify with every one of these songs, especially the last one. 🙂


Love to All!