65 years.

Hello World! Well, once again i’m pretty much just writing to my best BYC friend, because everyone else is AWOL. So… Hey Evelyn!!!! How are you?

ANYWAY, I’m writing a post dedicated to my grandparents. Because they rock. Well, technically, theyre my great-grandparents… but I digress. So, Lights, Keyboard, ACTION!

He: grew up in Pittsburgh in an immigrant Russian family. Pavel Kerchum’s little sister died of the influenza epidemic after WWI. He changed his name to Paul, and joined the U.S Air force, having to stand on his tiptoes ot be let in because he was so short. WWII broke out, and he flew into Japan, where he was captured by the enemy. He survived the infamous Bataan death march and the labor camps, before being set free after three years. He traveled back home, and then…

She: was a farm-girl, pretty much, who never finished high school. She lived simply with her 4 sisters and one brother. Gloria got a job in a bar in Arizona at 17…

How they met: Well, she worked at the bar. And he drank at the bar. And then he worked at the bar too. One day, she went into the storage room to get some more drinks, and he followed her in… and kissed her! They had never even spoke before, other than the odd word, but obviously there was something there!

Well, needless to say, they got married. Together, they survived numerous hardships, from Grandpa’s drinking days to the death (and probable murder by his wife) of their only son, Paul Junior. Grandpa bought the entire town of happy valley, then sold it piece by piece to pay for my Mom, Shannon’s, college tuition. Now? It has been 65 years since they married, and they are still such an incredible blessing to us all. Grumpy old Grandpa, sweet Grandma, are the pillars of this huge family that they built. They are an inspiration to us all. đŸ™‚

Well, thats all folks!

Love to all!


13 thoughts on “65 years.

  1. I’m confused about the part about Paul Jr. being killed by his wife, was that a joke? but otherwise, that is totally cool!


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