I did it… I really did it…

Ok. I finally managed to do something that I’ve felt called to do for a while now.

I deleted all the secular music stations from my iPod radio. The other day, I listened to them for the last time and I was disgusted with the vapid, loathsome, vile, cesspit of modern culture that everything about that station (from the music, to the talk shows, to the DJs, to the commercials) exuded. So… its gone. Every last bit. All I have now is KLOVE, and WOW I love that music. The quality, the sweetness, the fulfilling praise is so much more than the debasing crap that I used to fill my mind with.

I think people will be annoyed with me, and to be frank, I dont really care. That stuff is evil. I’m not letting it into my head to rot in there and corrupt like a weed.

Love to all!



5 thoughts on “I did it… I really did it…

  1. And now you can listen to Scott and Kelli goofiness 24/7!! Well, when they’re on, anyway.
    ”Scott’s head blew up.”


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