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Last day…

on July 15, 2011

Well, the last official day of my being 14 years old comes to a close. And so, I shall spend a little while contemplating my existence.

This past year has been one of surprises, growth, and insight. Last year, my worldview was vastly different from what it is now. Last year, God really wasn’t a big part of my life. Guys were seen as annoying, dirty, cruel, and utterly incapable of friendship (wow did I get that one wrong!) My family was just a bother. I saw myself as worthless, undeserving of love.

Looking back, my thirteenth year of life wasn’t at all fun. This fourteenth one, though, has been full of new friends (like Gabe and Evelyn!) new experiences (Winning at Fair!) and a new understanding of God, of His great love for me and for everyone. I learned to smile more, to laugh more, to not be afraid of people in general and guys in particular.

I’ll miss being fourteen. It has been quite the ride. But something tells me that being fifteen will even better. πŸ™‚

Love to all!



69 responses to “Last day…

  1. Evelyn says:

    I hope you kept a journal of it all. Or at least some of it…. Rereading journals is so fun.


  2. Tanichca says:

    I’ve kept three! There’s the secret journal, which is red (and hidden where nobody can find it!! MUAHAHAH!! Well, as long as nobody looks in my bookcase…) and then the not-so-secret journal, which has flowers in it, and which a few people I know could benefit very much by reading (including my sister Zoe and Gabe) and then there’s the public journal, AKA this blog. πŸ™‚


    • Evelyn says:

      I’ve filled up four journals already… I have a bad habit of writing down EVERYTHING. 500 years from now, my descendants will be saying, “We have the dullest greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandmother EVER.”


      • Tanichca says:

        Youre not dull! Your descendents will be saying “WOW!!! we had the coolest granny EVER!!!!! She was so awesome, and smart, and wise, and thoughtful, and overall wonderful!! Oh, WHY can we not be more like her?!?” πŸ˜›


  3. Tanichca says:

    Hopefully I didnt lay the praise on too thick… *hides*


  4. Tanichca says:

    I wonder how long it will take his Royal Gabeness to find this one, and my oh-so-subtle (not) hinting….


    • Gabe says:

      well, I found it. but I’m not sure I detect any hinting. unless you’re talking about me benefiting from reading your journal or how you thought guys were incapable or friendship…


  5. Tanichca says:

    My work here…is done.


  6. Gabe says:

    no. but if it makes you feel better, then by all means, feel free


  7. Tanichca says:

    And the tactic worked then too.
    I would, but I know well enough that i would feel very bad later for having been such a jerk on here, and so i’m now trying to think up ways to mend the situation without getting into too many more terrible scrapes.


  8. Tanichca says:

    Ah well, I think I’m leaving, lest you persuade me to say more. Bye! Talk later!


  9. Evelyn says:

    Where’s the popcorn smiley when you need it?! Tani, you need to PM me about whatever the heck is going on.


  10. Evelyn says:

    Now I do. Sorry, Gabe, but as I am a) not you, and b) another girl, I get special priviliges.


  11. Tanichca says:

    Yah, sorry, but Evelyn did get to hear. Oh, BTW, hey Ev!


  12. Evelyn says:

    Honestly, I don’t know you well enough to say for sure. But if I had to guess, you’d sit there and blink a few times, trying to figure out what just happened.


  13. Tanichca says:

    Yes, I agree. I took your advice Evelyn, and i shall try. πŸ™‚


  14. Tanichca says:

    Wow, that last comment looks weird.


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