So, my birthay. One could expect to have a cake, family, friends calling, special dinner. But guess what I get?

Zip. Zilch. Nada. You see, our car broke down in a town about an hour away, and while Mom and Dad go to fix it, there is nobody to do any of these things. By the time they get back, it will be too late to make the cake. Dangit. And I cant very well make my own birthday party, because that is seen as pathetic, on the same level as living alone and talking to your cat. So, Tani is not going to get a fifteenth birthday party until the day AFTER her fifteenth birthday, or maybe not even then, because I would very much like to go to lifeteen tomorrow anyway. Maybe I’ll just wait for Noah (who happens to share my birthday) to get home, and have a joint brother-sister birthday. But I really did want my own birthday party for the first time in ten friggin years…

I think I’ll go nap now.


4 thoughts on “Grrrrr

    • I’d probably think you were pathetic, but I highly doubt that would happen, because I fully plan to talk your ears off until the day you die. And then talk them off in heaven.


  1. Hey! You just insulted my life’s dream! XP Just kidding. Anyway, I’m sorry your birthday sucks. If it makes you feel better, I haven’t had my 8th birthday party yet. 😛


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