Ok, that was… humilitating…

Yahh, sorry folks, I was on the ritz for the past few days. Stupid hormones plus lack of sleep! Wow, looking back…. dangit. Sorry again. 😦


Well, we are now in the week of Steubenville West, and the long process of checklisting has begun! (Coconut Luna Bars? Check. Favorite denim skirt? Check. Clean socks? Uncheck.)

Oh, just remembered, Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! And to those of you who gave gifts (including the person who’s gift is still on its way) Kiitos x2!!

The next big storm is rolling in, with much wind and thunder! Ah, my favorite weather! I was born in the middle of a thunderstorm, you know.

Well, I shall sign off. Mom is getting antsy for me to do my algrebra. Love to all!

Oh, and has anyone seen my favorite jeans? Uncheck.



6 thoughts on “Ok, that was… humilitating…

  1. Yeeeeah, forget about ‘on it’s way’. My dear mother forgot to mail it, and it’s sitting in my dad’s car. LOL I’ll try again tomorrow…..

    Aw, we forgive you! ‘Course, I’m not usually one to suffer the brunt of your wrath, but we forgive you anyway!

    Your jeans are buried deep at the bottom of a laundry hamper you’d forgotten existed. At least, that’s where mine are when they’re missing. Of course, there was that one time they were in the pantry….


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