It is the bane of my existence, today. You see, I am in charge of making sure Pavel and I have clean clothes for the retreat, and So I shall wash all of my blues (scarf, jeans, two skirts, and a shirt. I’m in a blue mood) and all of Pavel’s blacks (shirts, socks, pants, underwear, towel, hoodie, shoes, and everything else he is bringing) and then start packing. In other news, i found my jeans! They were in my sister’s closet, which makes no sense, as she is a size 8 and I am a size 16. Whatever.

In other news, I hope to have some hatchlings soon, hopefully tomorrow. If the rain hasnt drowned them. It was raining so hard yesterday, that it got to my broody hen, who was in a plastic dog crate, under a porch, with a wall of planks in between her and the storm! And then the wind stirred up a massive dust storm. Ah, well, that’s life in Arizona for ya. On the bright side, the sunset was absolutely magnificent. A true postcard from God, that was.

Well, time to go. I have to start on the blues (heaven help meeeee)

Love to all!



One thought on “Laundry.

  1. So they weren’t under a bunch of other stuff? Huh. One time my pink blouse ended up in my brother’s laundry, so I guess weirder things could happen. Have fun with your laundry, I guess. Sing while you do it and pretend you’re a Disney Princess or something.


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