That went well.

This last visit of Mr. Editor for a while went better than expected. And, yes, I was expecting it to go far worse. Sure, I had just got over a massive (and painful) reaction to some meds I was taking, and sure I probably spazzed out a few times, and sat next to him more than necessary… ah, the great feeling of regretting things. But that was all-in-all rather fun! I even got to help carry logs, and got some nice deep cuts on my legs! (I have never so much loved the feeling of getting cut up, such glorious pain, not coming from inside the foot! Ah!!!)

I even don’t mind getting “accidentally” inflected upon as being a witch. That conversation was actually quite funny… πŸ˜›

Well, love to all!



47 thoughts on “That went well.

  1. yeah, about you sitting by me on the couch… I really, I mean REALLY stank! why on earth didn’t you tell me or at least move a little further away?!? I think that that shirt smells worse now than it did after Steubenville!! I guess us people just do crazy things sometimes πŸ˜›


  2. Well, for one thing, the other seats were taken u, and for another, I was just enjoying being around you, because, stink or not, I wouldnt be seeing you for a long-ish while (unless you come to scouts tomorrow) and on the priority list… eh… i’m not finishing this because I think I’ve said a bit too much. Moving on!
    Me? Do crazy things? NEVAH.


        • Is not! Its a real, logical, ideal. When something should not exist, it simply should not. And if a Tanichca happens to let something that should not exist exist, she is at fault, and must work very hard to destroy it. (thats from the Standard)


          • you want to destroy the fact that you like me? what about the fact that I like you? I thought we were going to preserve these feelings for later if they’re real, not just get rid of them… hmmm… I’m not mad, BTW, in case that sounds like snapping from a reader’s point of view (dang I need that toothy grin bad)


    • I know that the feelings arent wrong, but I also am convinced that life would be far easier and there would be less chance of hurt for everyone involved if I just… got over you.


      • well, that may be true, but it’s the complete wrong mindset! you’re focusing on the bad things! no matter what you do, there will always be some kind of bad outcome, you can even do things with no good outcome at all. so what you have to do is focus on all that’s good and wonderful in life or you’ll just get depressed! sure, if you got over me, then you would be able to think easier and you wouldn’t have to bear all of your parents lectures (which, by the way, I have learned to listen to, they are very rarely useless). but think if you had never liked me. you would still be depressed and feel hated and unloved and have no comfort when you’re in greatest pain, and you would probably not be as close to God! I may be attributing too much to myself, but I really think that that’s how you would have ended up. you have to be an optimist to be a true Christian, because who ever got to heaven through pessimism?


        • I can focus on the good and wonderful, but then i feel guilty, because due to how i feel now, a whole lot of the good stuff has to do with you!!! I know my parents are right, and i do listen to them.
          And yes, I do attribute all of that to you, and i will always be in your debt because of what you have done for me. But, this is for your good as much as for my own. If i dont like you like this anymore, there would be less awkwardness, and there would be far less of a chance of either one of us hurting the other!
          One last thing… St Jerome and Fr. Rego.


          • but I can’t stop liking you like this. don’t kill your feelings! just don’t act on them! arg! I don’t know how to say it! just don’t! please!
            why do you feel guilty? you’re acting like I’m a bad thing! why on earth does the fact that I helped you to see the good in the world make you feel guilty?!?
            what about them?


            • Did you see me last night? Arguing between Reason and Emotion? Emotion wins. A lot. But Mastery of Self is hard to come by, for someone who already has enough a burden to carry.
              YOU are not a bad thing, at all! Its ME!!!!! Its MY thoughts, MY desires, MY lack of self-control that screwed this up!
              {Two Grumpy old pessimists who made it heaven :P}


              • yes! I was thinking about that! again, you were acting like holding my hand was a bad thing! like it was unreasonable. you say that you know that it isn’t all bad, but do you BELIEVE it? I don’t think that you really believe that these feelings can lead to good. you are remembering before. but I am nothing at all like anyone you’ve met. you are holding yourself back for fear that I will get bored of you, or that I will hurt you (there’s a great billy joel song about that). but the thing is, you don’t consciously feel like you are. you aren’t doing it on purpose. I may have just said the worst possible thing, tried to tell you your own thoughts, and you’re going to hate that. but please, just consider it for a second!


  3. I believe that you would never hurt me intentionally. But what if…??? What if this doesnt work, and i end up still liking you, and you DO get over me, and I’m left behind again? If there is one thing that I could not bear happening, that would be it.


    • Not really, but to each their own. But anyway, sorry bout all that, I was running on about three hours of sleep over the past two days, and I guess I got a bit… too honest? Not quite it, but close.

      (Uhhh… pardon my ignorance, but what is that again?)


    • you’re very thoughtful, Evelyn, we’re pouring our hearts out here. -_-
      but I was thinking how all you other readers would think of this giant conversation. and it is rather odd that it all began with me jokingly calling Tacha crazy for leaning towards me when I stank to high heaven. I suppose it is a bit amusing πŸ™‚


  4. I don’t mean to butt in or anything, but…

    Tani, I think you’re overreacting just a wee bit. πŸ˜‰ I don’t think you two getting over each other would be the best thing for you two.


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