This is scary.

I went out to check on the birds, and a COOL BREEZE wafted by (to quote Chris Padgett, “its a funny word, ‘wafted’, but thats what it was doing, wafting!)

You know what this means? This means that its getting colder! This means that WINTER is coming!!! EEK! Summer just started! My summer got taken over by this danged condition, and now its over and I barely did anything worthwhile??? Dang!!!!!

Grrrrrr…. I think that I shall sit and stew for a bit while checking the price of incubators with automatic turners. I need me one of those.

Love to all (except YOU, person who decided it was time for winter to come back. I have nothing but loathing for you!!)




6 thoughts on “This is scary.

  1. you know, you really worried me there for a second, what with the name of this post and all. (and for some reason my mind has an English accent right now… actually, I think it’s Irish… weird)


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