For the rest of you mortals, who didnt kno what on earth Ev and I were talking about when we were talking about “Leaning”…

A quick, minute long explanation, from one of our favorite movies: While You Were Sleeping! (if anyone is wondering what to get me for next Christmas, this would be EPIC)

Love to all



22 thoughts on “Leaning.

    • You poor Gabey! πŸ˜›
      Theres a song for that somewhere…

      “when…a doc.. is stuck inside your head… sing… this song… just sing this song instead…”


      • oh dear, why are you calling me Gabey? that’s probably the first name you ever knew me by, isn’t it, that’s what the whole home-school group knew me as! oh dear. patooty, what? πŸ˜›


          • no, it’s fine, I just prefer Gabe now because I’m older and not as much fun as I used to be.
            how odd, I feel sure that I must have been introduced as “Gabey” all those years ago… hmmm…


            • Pfff, youre fun now!! But yes, you were a bit funner then (I remember watching you when I was 11, and you were hilarious! Yes, I was stalking you that day, be afraid, be very afraid!)

              you may well have been… but youre Gabe now. Or, even better, His Royal Gabeness!!!! πŸ˜›


                • cool? Awesome? Interesting? Catholic?

                  Er.. lets see, I started liking you when I was like, 8. Got a serious crush on you when I was 11 (on the very day I was stalking you, as a matter of fact!) So… about 4 years.


  1. it’s really weird to think that you were thinking of me that whole time, when I hadn’t thought about you until the middle of last year. and all four of those things are things I’ve GROWN in over the years since I’ve had my friends call me Gabey. I was thinking more like immature, I’ve gotten less of that since then


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