OK, I’m going to ask none of you to read this, unless you want to hear a HUGE rant.

My sis and I, as you know, never get along. She cares only for herself, I try to care more for everyone around me. The world REVOLVES around her. So my bro has a hole in his lung, and cant be allowed to walk the 2 miles from the bus stop to home until it heals. So mom usually picks him up, but today, she couldnt, so she depended on my big sis to do it instead.
Well, big sis forgot. Because she was just so busy trying on her new, tight, short, sexy rocker outfit for a photo shoot thats still days away. And big brother walked home. In the dark. Which is potentially VERY VERY BAD.
And THEN, when Mom and Dad get home, I tell dad why she didnt pick Pavel up, but she gets after me (once the parents are out of earshot, of course) calls me a bitch, kicks me, says I’m still as mean and stupid as ever… you get the picture. i tell her it is her fault, and Dad has a right to know why she didnt do what she needed to do. She storms off, saying that she hates me, she hopes that my condition never heals and I never walk again, and that she isnt going to try and be nice to me ever again. SHE BLOODY WELL NEVER WAS BEFORE. She uses me, gets me to help her, being all sweet and kind. And then as soon as I’m no longer “useful,” I get tossed aside. Treated like dirt. (Actually, treated like a few other words I know, but this is a family-friendly blog, for the most part)

UGH!!!!! I HATE HER!!!!! Why cant she just act like I’m a person?!!?!?!? If anyone is a bitch, she is.

Rant over.


22 thoughts on “Angry.

  1. wow, you two do not get along. I’m sorry your relationship is like that. 😦 I’d be pretty lost if I couldn’t get along with Jessica.


  2. well, while I was in CA, I read this and said how mad I was in a long-ish email that I forgot to sent to your email because my stupid ipod is inefficient internet wise. I don’t know if you got them or not, so I’m just going to say that I can handle the word bitch, but I can’t handle someone calling you that, and I REALLY can’t handle someone KICKING YOU. at all. not you. (((hug!!!)))


    • Thanks. no, didnt get the email. Ah well. Thanks, though. I’m a bit better now… Zoe sorta-apologized (for kicking me, not for calling me a bitch, because apparently, I am and always was! Yay me!)


      • well, to me, you’ve never looked anything like a dog, female, pregnant or whatever! well, you have looked female. your whole life. hmmm… that may be a bad joke. πŸ˜€

        now what you should really do, is find out a way to let your parents know about this that Zoe won’t find out about, so she won’t hurt you more. (you probably either have tried, or you think that’s a horrible idea)


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