RIP Danny Boy.

Three days ago, a much loved member of the Federoff Flock passed away from unknown causes. Daniel was a buff silkie rooster, just over a year old. The first time I saw him, he was struggling in the arms of my friend Raven. As soon as I picked him up, he calmed down, and snuggled with my arm. Raven had never seen him so calm, and so she gave him to me. He went home to a small flock of 8 birds, and became Alpha roo after Bubbles, our older Alpha roo, was re-homed. He had a good life, with several hens and a lot of space to roam around. He was a lap chicken until the end, very sweet and nice. His last day on earth was spent with his flock, eating grass and bugs to his heart’s content. Goodbye Daniel, we will miss your tuneful crow (the most lovely I have ever heard from any rooster) and your fluffy, gold, bouncy self walking around the coop.

RIP Danny


Love to all!



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