Newest poem!

OK, yes, I know, I’ve made three posts today and my hands are going to be hurting like hell this evening (yah… not looking forward to that) but, I wrote a new poem today, and I figured that I needed y’all’s opinion on it!

Winter to start
Chilling the heart
frost falling from his fingers,
like fast-flying darts.
Spring comes soon after,
bringing light and laughter,
we wish her to linger-
but that makes her pass faster.
Summer’s next on the scene
crowned with jewels, like a queen,
with days long and bright
her clothes, gold and green.
Then autumn comes nigh-
crimson leaves start to fly,
cool winds and gold light
and the seasons pass by!”

It is a bit of a departure from my usual, simple “A,A,B,B” rhyme scheme, as this one goes “A,A,B,A, C,C,B,C” but I like this style. The inspiration was yet another cold wind sweeping through the backyard today, and the fine gold light that sprinkles the world during this, my favorite time of year.

Love to all!



17 thoughts on “Newest poem!

  1. Huh, weird… It might have been out of signal, as I fell asleep on top of my phone at the beach. I’ll email you the number to use in case you got it wrong.


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