One more post…

So, yes, I know, I’ll get off after this, OK?

The new blog icon is…

That. Why? Because I am now a member of an elite group, the Prayer Ninjas!! It is our duty to pray hard, look awesome, and defeat the forces of evil at every turn! We shall wear red uniforms, to blend in with the Holy Spirit! We are the greatest of all prayer warriors!!! YAH!!!!!

Oh, and we get to wear sunglasses AND rosaries. We rocketh very muchly.

Wanna join up? I and my fellow ninja Rachel shall see if you qualify to carry the nun-chucks. Our present mission, though, is establishing a Chick-Fil-A in Narnia (Why? I dont know, it was Rachel and Mike’s idea!)

Love to all!



15 thoughts on “One more post…

    • Too bad indeed, but whoever said you wouldnt make a good Catholic? Cause you see, there is nobody who could ever be refused admission into the faith, no matter what. Every heard of St. Augustine? He had a mistress, had a kid out of wedlock, was a raving anti-religionist, drunkard, and fighter, but… he found God, and is now among the greatest of the Flowers of the Church.


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