This gives me hope.

Five posts in one day, you say? Well, I’m thinking of adding a sixth later on today anyway, so be prepared. I’m in a hyper-creative mood today, so I am writing like CRAZY.

Anyway, what gives me hope? Well, as you know, I have some joint issues, and knee surgery may be the last hope if all else fails. Naturally, this is rather depressing. But, a friend of my dad’s and sister’s, Mr. Poeske (Pay-skee) heard about my issues. He also heard that I REALLY wanted to buy a certain book, but didnt have the $30 to get it. So… guess what this guy, who I have NEVER met, NEVER talked to, NEVER really known, decided to do?

Yep. There is Christian charity for ya! Mr. Poeske got me “Finding your Soulmate without losing your Soul,” which was required reading after Steubenville West, and sent it today.

Remind me to send him a thank you letter, some brownies, and a hug, ok?

Love to all (and especially to you, Mr. Poeske!)




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