God: the ulitmate ninja!!!

He is. Really. Seriously.

Oh, BTW, for the rest of you mortals, that’s one of the things we said when Evelyn and I were talking on the phone today. We also talked about chickens, family, chickens, the taste of grass, chickens, random ramblings… oh, and a bit about chickens. Though most of it was random. Ev rocks. (Hey, Gabe, if you ever want to talk with someone who ISN’T awkward to talk to, try her! She knows how to talk on a phone!!! EEP!!!!) Yes, I do sort of idolize her. She’s a terrific writer, she is almost like a twin, she’s awesome, her voice is light and nice and sweet!!! Hmmmm… ok, encomium done.

What else in new in life? Uh, I had a terrific talk with God yesterday, probably the best and longest I’ve had for months. The topic? Well, it was about the delicate and perplexing matters of the heart, which do torment me most often. I won’t tell you what was said, do to certain people reading this blog often who might become rather hurt and/or angry, but it all ended well. I’m at peace. Which for me, is a BIG DEAL. But I also gave God permission to bug me about something, and He does it… a lot. Ah well, better than succumbing to temptation, aye?

Oh, and  REAL STORM is here. YAY!!!! Its all thunder (the real kind, deafeningly loud and booming!) and rain (freezing cold, smelling of freshness and poetry) and LIGHTING, ah, white and gold and blue, cracking and zipping through the air as it hits the darkened ground, burning the dust, smog and smoke from the air around. Leaving naught but the scent of acacia and creosote behind, ere it leaves us for the mountains to the south.

Yes, I’m in a poetic mood. Watching Tangled does that, because its so full of rhymes! And because I just feel like being a poet.

Well, I need to head off to bed. I am so very very very sorry, Gabe, for not getting on when I said I would!!! Eeep. And Ev, you rocketh muchly.

Night all! Love you all very very very very much!




3 thoughts on “God: the ulitmate ninja!!!

      • well, yeah, so do I, it is, I guess. but not that annoying!

        BTW, thanks for telling people about my blog! (why didn’t I think of that?) I think it’ll give me another reason to start making posts more regularly! 🙂


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