Life. As of today.

Hi all! Life is a bit weird today. How so, you may ask (or you may not, it really doesnt matter. I’ll tell you anyway!) Well, for one thing, I was looking forward to reading “Do Hard Things” bu someone forgot it and left it at his house. Grrrr. And to think I am going to make that selfsame someone a pie tomorrow.

Life is also weird in a bad way in that even Mom has noticed I’ve gained weight, and of course she said something, and now I’m so friggin depressed, because I can’ t exercise anymore, and its not my bloody FAULT!!!!! You think that I’m not worried enough about this damned problem?!? That I dont see how much I look like a beached whale?!? Ugh. *Tani cranks up her happy songs* time to cheer up.

Happy songs? Well, the one I’ve got on right now is

I like that song. A lot. Its one of the few secular songs that I actually really enjoy.

Well, Hmmm…. what else? Well, I can’t wait for lifeteen to start again (must… poke… Jesse…) I think the baby chick is a boy 😦 and I need a haircut (I’m going back to brunette again, Yay!)

Love to all!



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