I get it now!!! (Deep Thoughts ahead!)

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee..” (St. Augustine)

Today, I have once again been permitted to look into the World, and see whats wrong with it. A few examples are needed

1) Lets call her Elizabeth. She has issues. She is no longer Catholic, she struggles with her sexual orientation, she is dangerously depressed, she feels alone. She left God behind, and now her life has crashed.

2) Lets call him Ethan. His girlfriend, who he loved very much, appears to have dumped him. He has also left God behind, and is cynical, jaded, and incredibly crude. He makes light of his pain and the emptiness in his soul, but its fairly easy to see, he is longing for God, he just doesn’t want to admit it. He is also dangerously depressed.

3) Caitlyn. Her mom abandoned her and her family several months ago, and her life just imploded. She never leaves the house unless its for school or church, and has cut herself off from all of her old friends and from everything having to do with God.

Now, look at these people, and the dozens of others you see every day. The world is bleeding, as I once said, and God bleeds with it. It breaks my heart to see all these people who have only to run to Him, and find all they desire, but still refuse to even acknowledge Him!!! This mentality is helped along by a culture who sees religion as dangerous and stupid, ridiculous and irrelevant.

*sigh* Pray for the World, alright? It needs it.

Love to all, praying for you all!





3 thoughts on “I get it now!!! (Deep Thoughts ahead!)

  1. Oh, I like this idea. A blanket prayer for the world in general, and a few specifics here and there… I can work with this! Thank you, once again you have solved my problems.


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