Looking forward.

Well, on our last deep thoughts post, we talked a bit about depression, and you are may be wondering how does one keep from getting depressed, because Sheesh, the world seems to be a terrible and dark place! My main way of keeping from getting depressed: looking forward to things. What kind of things, you say?

BIG things:

Things that won’t happen for a while or one time events. These can be, for me, things like a Retreat or that huge poultry show that happens every November. For you guys, it could be a concert or a dance.

Medium things:

These are the things that will happen sooner, or will happen more often. Lifeteen and 4H meetings are my main ones. For you people, it could be a sleepover or a visit to a friend or relative.

Small things:

These are my favorite, because these are the things that keep me sane during the bad days. These are daily events that just make you happy. For me, its my time on the computer in the evening talking to Gabe, or my times on the phone with Ev or Izzy.

So, as I see it, if I give myself something to look forward to every day, I have 1) A reason to keep on track with School and House work, 2) Something that when I’m sad or angry, can calm me down and cheer up, and 3) something to keep me busy, instead of doing something wrong or sinful (ugh!)

What sort of things do you look forward to?

Love to all!





5 thoughts on “Looking forward.

  1. That’s really interesting!
    I don’t look forward so much as, um, how do I put it… I cross examine the moment and look for the good things in my life right now. I don’t really have a concious boyancy control, it’s more of just my natural way of dealing. One downside though, is that if someone’s mad at me, instead of looking for good things, I just either turn off my emotions, which tends to make them more mad.


  2. I am a looker of forward! šŸ˜›
    I am looking forward towards a long trip in the fall, a weekend in the woods next month and writing another page in my book tonight!
    Not to mention the little, tiny things such as reading, visiting your blog, finishing off my icecream….


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