Starting small.

So, to continue on today’s tangent and my overly- controlling self, I have a bit of Gods humor today. I was making my brownies, and I was doing this while babysitting and listening to Zander, the three year old, chattering away about how his favorite super hero team had taken down the “bad guys.” Distracted me just listened, tried to measure correctly… And then stopped dead. I had doubled the amount of flour in the brownies. And I had a mini panic attack, as in, I actually felt nauseous (how dare I make such a mistake!!!) and angry. And then, God saw His chance:

God: surrender the brownies.

Me: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Look, Lord, I RUINED THEM. I messed up. I can’t fix this, and neither can You, no offense!

God: surrender the brownies. Trust Me.

Me: are you flippin’ serious?!?!

God: Yep.

Me: but-

God: SURRENDER. THE. BROWNIES. How will you ever learn to surrender the big things if you can’t surrender the little ones?

Me: … Ok, fine, but this is the weirdest prayer I have EVER prayed. God, I surrender these brownies to You, let these brownies be for Your greater glory.

And then, just like that… I wasn’t nearly as nervous anymore. I could breathe again. And I finished those brownies, added an extra egg, made the cheesecake topping, popped the whole mess in the oven, still a bit doubtful. Forty minutes later… The brownies come out. And guess what? When I make cheesecake brownies, every time, they end up not cooking, because the cheesecake topping keeps the thing batter from setting. All that extra flour? Well, the brownies cooked PERFECTLY. Can’t wait to eat them tonight.
Fine, God, I guess you win this one. Teach me how to surrender the larger things that I worry about. And thanks. 🙂
Love to all!


23 thoughts on “Starting small.

  1. SURRENDER THE BROWNIES. OK. That made my LIFE!! Seriously, I am cracking up right now. I guess my all-day on-and-off prayer for you worked… In a REALLY weird way. May I have your permission to put “Surrender the brownies” on a poster on my door, pretty-pleasy with cheesecake on top? 😀 I can’t get over how awesome that was… I just pointed at the celing and said, “YOU ARE EPIC!!”


    • Yes, you have my full permission. It was pretty danged funny, i spent a good hour just giggling over it and marveling over the power and humor of God. Thanks for praying 🙂


  2. Yes, you should do that, otherwise I shall stick you with the embarassing nickname of Captain Fantastic. :/ I might do that anyway, because I thought of that nickname today and now I’m dying to stick it on somebody. LOL


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