News of the day: September 3rd.

Hello all!

Well, today we have news! *puts on her dress suit, sits at the desk, turns on the mic*

News 1) That beautiful baby chick we hatched out is assuredly a boy. He “crowed” today (not much of a crow, IMO, more of a loud squeaky squawk!) Well, now we need top let him grow out, see how good a show bird he is, and sell either him or his daddy. *sigh*

News 2) I changed the name of the blog! Like it, everyone? 😉

News 3) My brother got his drivers license. And promptly drove our little Camry into our airport van. *rolls eyes* Nobody was hurt, there is a small dent in both cars… but it was hilarious (I was inside the van at the time)

News 4)I got myself a LOVELY new outfit at Savers yesterday… shall show everyone whenever it is I can!

News 5) (yes, I held on for five, since I cannot abide making lists of fours or threes or sixes.) CHURCH BREAKFAST TOMORROW!!!

Well, thats it for now, I’ll be around all day, in and out.

Love to all!



3 thoughts on “News of the day: September 3rd.

  1. The funniest thing is that Pavel (older bro) drove the camry into the van IN FRONT OF HIS SCHOOL. with a bunch of hismfriends and peers watching. And theynwere laughing so hard, it was hilarious!!


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