12 thoughts on “Song of the week!

  1. So wait… Where did we get this nickname from, Ev? Not to complain, it a pretty cool nickname for the guy, but where did it come from? And for some reason… Dad doesn’t mind me talking to him on the phone (face to face or email he cares about though. Weird.) but I highly doubt we could talk for even an hour straight.


  2. Captain Fantastic is my new and slightly snarky (in a good way) nickname for HRG, and I read it somewhere. I decided to stick it on him and it does suit him, especially when said in my best sarcastic voice. 😀 (Gabe: Not that I have anything against you, it’s just something that BEGS to be said in a sarcastic voice.) Not even an hour?! Good grief, you ARE awkward around each other.


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