Uh… Hi, Francis.

Hey Francis! You are quite possibly the LAST PERSON ON EARTH I expected to subscribe to my blog… But thanks! Wow. I am laughing so hard right now! Gee, now I may have to do some editing of posts *hides* and be very careful of what I say in the future… Wow. Anywhoo, welcome, enjoy, have fun, and whatever you do, DON’T ANNOY EVELYN. She is liable to do something horrible if you do, like feed you to a chicken. I kid thee not.
Well, love to all!


22 thoughts on “Uh… Hi, Francis.

  1. Who, me? And who’s Francis? And would the chickens like him/her (Sorry, it can go both way!) with BBQ or tartar sauce? Francis, in all honesty I am really quite harmless. I only mortally wound people who make Tani sad. Welcome to the insanity!


  2. Gabe: Because you did what I told you to without any fussing or whathaveyou. And I wasn’t annoyed, per say, I was… Okay, I was annoyed. XD But you get special second chances.


  3. Remember that time on BYC when you got mad and said something you shouldn’t? I ordered you to apologize. And Tani is right, I pretty much order everybody around. 8)


  4. Oh I remember that… Dear dear dear, twas not nice, mr. Editor.

    (hmmm… Sorry, francis, I’ll bet we are flooding your inbox with alerts from this post. But this is really all that happens on this blog: long, somewhat meaningful chats between Gabe, Evelyn, and myself. All day. It’s epic!)


  5. But depending on how you look at it, I saved him from getting any points by my ‘mini-modding’. 😛 And all in all it all worked out because Captain Fantastic listened to my supreme wisdom without any fussing. XD (Well, SOMETIMES they’re meaningful. Sometimes they’re plain silly. LOL)


  6. I said a bunch of BYC techno-babble. Ignore it. And about the shaving, that email was only halfway serious. 😛 It was mostly intended to evoke a smile or laugh.


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