And the moral of this story is… God always wins (Random deep thoughts!)

Quite true, you must admit. Why do I say it today?

I shall explain.

I went out for my daily Tani/God time, in one of my myriad secret places. So there i sat, a little bit disappointing in myself, because once again, I was having trouble. And there I sat, and talked to God a bit, and noticed that from that particular spot, I could see the very edge of a thundercloud, with just a bit of sunset gold on it. Ok, very pretty, yes, but I shrugged it off, and proceeded to daydream a bit (my mind was muddled, you see, and its hard to focus.) Well, then two of my little brothers came outside, and threatened the privacy of the secret space. So I moved to a spot a bit higher up, lets say. And from there, I saw… the ENTIRE SUNSET. Silly me had thought that that little bit of cloud was all the beauty there was in the sky tonight, when in reality, there was this indescribably lovely vista right in front of me, that I couldnt see.

Moral of the story? No matter how dark or dull life may seem… there’s always beauty, always joy, you just have to look for it. And yes, God always wins. Its annoying, but true.

Love to all! I’ll be putting a few more posts up tonight, be on the look out!



9 thoughts on “And the moral of this story is… God always wins (Random deep thoughts!)

  1. It’s the kind of thing where, just once, you would LOVE to be the one who gets to be right, but you also know that everything will work out much better if God continues to always win.


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